Providing the dermatological profession, their patients and consumers at large with effective skin care products for all skin types and skin conditions.

About Us

Since 1979 Dormer has been working closely with dermatologists and skincare specialists to provide not only products they require to for their practices but also products that they feel confident in recommending to their patients. The success of our Dormer 211 advanced skin care product line is the result of continuing physician recommendation, supported by patient and user satisfaction and their recommendation to family and friends. Dormer is a fully licensed and registered dermatological company that meets all Canadian and international regulatory requirements resulting in products of the highest quality.

Dormer understands consumer concerns about ingredient safety as we are the leading North American distributor of patch testing materials used by physicians to identify the cause of patient skin reactions. With this knowledge we formulate our products to avoid those ingredients that may result in a skin reaction. - George Davy, Dormer Laboratories Inc.

Dormer products are continually being tested to ensure the highest quality...but not on animals. We are confident that once you have placed a Dormer 211 skincare product on your skin, that not only will your skin look better, but you will also feel better.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Dormer 211 family of advanced skincare.

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